Downtown Transit Connector


Six stops are proposed to be located along the DTC route. These will not be typical bus stops; instead, they will provide passengers with high-quality shelters and passenger amenities. The stops will be the only locations where DTC buses will stop between Providence Station and the Hospital District. Planned locations are:

The northern terminus of the DTC corridor would be integrated with the planned Providence Station Intermodal Transportation Center being developed by RIDOT in the vicinity of the MBTA/Amtrak Station. This stop will serve the rail station, state offices, Providence Place Mall and surrounding office and residential buildings. DTC riders will be able to make direct connections with commuter rail and Amtrak services, as well as numerous other RIPTA bus routes. RIPTA’s Routes 3 and 62 will terminate at this location, while the other DTC routes - 51, 54, 58 and 72 - will continue north of the station.

Kennedy Plaza is a central public space; along with adjacent Burnside Park, Kennedy Plaza is the heart of downtown Providence’s public realm. It is also a busy transit center in downtown Providence, where many RIPTA routes intersect and passengers transfer between routes. The DTC stop in this location will allow for connections to other RIPTA routes, and will serve City Hall, the Federal Courthouse, the Post Office, and nearby hotels, restaurants, offices and the convention center. Unique shelter design will distinguish the stop as part of the DTC corridor.

Paired stops on Dorrance Street will be located on the corners of Weybosset Street (southbound) and Pine Street (northbound). The Downcity area is a vibrant mixed-use neighborhood with a high density of employment, entertainment and dining options, as well as a growing residential population. These stops will also serve Johnson & Wales University’s downtown campus and Garrahy Courthouse.

This stop will be located on Dyer Street just north of Ship Street, near the planned Waterfront Park, Providence River Pedestrian Bridge and Wexford development. It will also serve Brown Medical School and a new hotel being constructed as part of the Wexford development. . It will intersect with City Walk, a planned walking and bike corridor that will link Providence neighborhoods with various parks and open spaces. The stop will provide excellent transit service to a fast-developing neighborhood and offer key bike and pedestrian connections at City Walk.

This stop will be located on Eddy Street and will serve South Street Landing and the new RI Nursing Education Center. It would also serve Davol Square, the new River House apartments slated to open behind Davol Square in 2019, the Children’s Museum and a growing concentration of residents and businesses in the Jewelry District.

There is the potential to add a future stop on Eddy Street near its intersection with Allens Avenue and Richmond Street. RIPTA would work with the City of Providence to construct DTC shelters in this location once more development occurs in this area.

The southern terminus of the DTC will be located adjacent to Rhode Island Hospital. It will serve the large and growing concentration of healthcare facilities, medical offices, and biotech businesses in the area. The DTC’s frequent and reliable service to Providence Train Station and Kennedy Plaza will be a major benefit for employee and patient access, and will help to mitigate growing congestion and parking issues. The Hospital District DTC stop will also be accessible to the Allens Avenue waterfront via Blackstone Street. DTC Routes 3 and 62 will continue south of the DTC terminus; all other DTC routes will terminate here.

project partners

Rhode Island Public Transit Authority
City of Providence