Downtown Transit Connector

Project Milestones

Station construction and other design improvements along the DTC corridor are anticipated to be completed in early 2019 as shown on the schedule below. Higher levels of RIPTA service may begin even before construction is complete.

All phases of the project will involve public information sessions and other stakeholder coordination. Please visit our Get Involved page to sign up for periodic email announcements about the DTC project.


  Milestone Activities
Fall 2016 – Spring 2017 Conceptual Engineering Locate stations, identify desired passenger amenities, propose street design concepts, develop project branding
October 2016 Stakeholder Meeting
December 2016 Public Meeting
February 2017 Stakeholder Meeting
May 2017 Public Meeting
Summer 2017 Preliminary Engineering Begins Advance the design of stations, street cross-sections, amenities and a terminal in the RI Hospital area. Work with local stakeholder to further develop the design concepts.
June 2017 Stakeholder Meeting
August 2017 Stakeholder Meeting
Fall 2017 Final Engineering Complete engineering for all design elements and create construction specifications.
September 2017 Public Meeting
October 2017 Stakeholder Meeting
January 2018 Public Meeting
Spring 2018 Construction Begins Construct stations and street improvements. Note: the Providence Station Transit Center will be constructed as part of a separate RIDOT project.
May 2018 Stakeholder Meeting
Winter 2019 Construction Complete

project partners

Rhode Island Public Transit Authority
City of Providence